We see dead people.  And living people.  And our closest relatives.  Ever watch the TV show Bones?  It’s like that, but less sexy, and a lot more dirty.  Oh, and we don’t have guns. Or hot FBI lovers.  And it takes us hours to make a call on sex, age, ancestry from a decomposing skeleton…not ten seconds with a flashlight.  And our labs aren’t pretty—they are usually in basements or attics.  And most of us are teachers first.  And we have social skills and do field research all over the world.

So, it’s not like Bones really.

It’s way cooler.

Bioanthropology studies the physical bodies in anthropology, including our evolutionary history, living primate relatives, our physical skeleton, our decomposing flesh, and our living,  moving, physical selves.  Bioanthropology is part hard science, part art, part history, and part imagination.

Wicked cool.


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