In Memoriam- Rachel Horlings

Horlings, Rachel (2011)_Of His Bones are Coral Made: Submerged Cultural Resources, Site Formation Processes, and Multiple Scales of Interpretation in Coastal Ghana. Unpublished Dissertation, Syracuse University.

Horlings, Rachel (2012)_Maritime Cultural Resource Investigation, Management, and Mitigation in Coastal Ghana. Journal of Maritime Archaeology 7: 141-164.

Horlings, Rachel (2009) An Effective Diver-Operated Coring Device for Underwater Archaeology. Techinical Briefs in Historical Archaeology, Vol 4:1-6.

This page will change as the pain, which is very raw at the moment, ebbs and flows. In the tradition of academia, of producing knowledge that we hope will be larger than ourselves, here is the knowledge that Rachel gave us, the insights that she had. It seems hard to believe that those years we spent together, researching, reading, editing, bitching, are distilled down to these few pages. I saw this from the beginning, scrawled remarks across the rough first pages as she was busy doing so to my own dissertation. And, of course, it such a small facet of an amazing human being. 


The family has a memorial page that they have invited all who loved and knew her to visit and share their thoughts. As many of you know, Rachel passed away while doing field work in Ghana. The family needs help bringing her home. While visiting her memorial page, please consider donating at the link they have set up.

Thank you all so much.

7 thoughts on “In Memoriam- Rachel Horlings

  1. Can you tell me what happened to Rachel? When she was in college (FSU), she dated my brother-in-law. I didn’t know her well, but considered her to be a friend. Even after she and my brother-in-law broke up, she still sent my husband and I a wedding gift. I’m so sad to hear of her passing!

  2. I too read every word and learned so much from it. It is such a loss–a personal loss, and a loss for our field. She was brilliant and doing such important work.

    She has left a giant hole in our hearts and in this world. There will never be another person like her.

  3. Rachel was a dear friend, a wonderful source of support, and a colleague whose presence was a gift. I cannot encapsulate what I’m feeling, other than to say I hurt, and am sorrowful. But, I’m grateful, as well. My life has been enriched by knowing her. My heart and prayers…

  4. Thank you for sharing Helen – I am comforted by the sound of her voice. It is both tremendously saddening and extremely comforting. Oh dear Rachel …

  5. It is a somber reminder of the vulnerability of life, and how important kindness is. Amidst the sadness and confusion of our loss, remembering Rachel’s kind, bright heart and her peaceful presence brings me joy and comfort. A chance encounter with her in the halls of Maxwell always cheered up my day.

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